1.1 What are the shipping costs?

National shipping (Spain and Portugal) is free from € 60.
Standard shipping (1 - 5 working days) under € 60 is €3.99.
Express shipping (1- 3 working days) under € 60 is €4.99.

Shipping to Europe is free from € 100.
Standard Shipping (7 - 10 working days) under € 100 is €6.99.
Express shipping (3 - 5 working days) under € 100 is €11.99.

Shipping to North / Central / South America is free from € 150.
Standard Shipping (7 - 14 working days) under € 150 is €11.99.

In Spain, it is possible to ship to a Citypaq point or CORREOS parcel collection office.

1.2 How fast will my order be shipped?

From the moment of receiving your payment, we have 24 to 72 hours to complete and send your order. We only ship orders on working days.

More information on shipping can be found here.

1.3 What to do if I receive a defective / different product?

If you receive a wrong or defective product, please contact NUBE JEWELS customer service as soon as possible. To learn more about it, visit the  Returns and Exchanges tab.


2.1 Do I need an account on NUBE JEWELS to make purchases?

NUBE JEWELS creates an exclusive buying experience, accessible to all. You can complete the order without having an account.

If you decide to set up an account at, it provides you with information about the order, its status, and the list of purchased products. If you have an account at, you do not need to re-enter your details or shipping address when purchasing other products.

2.2 Purchasing an order in three steps.

- Have a look on the NUBE JEWELS catalog.
- Add products to the cart.
- Fill out your personal details / payment method / shipping address.

We answer more questions about placing orders in our Shopping Guide.

2.3 Payment methods.

You can use a credit or debit card to purchase NUBE JEWELS products.

Bizum, PayPal or traditional transfer are the payment methods that NUBE provides. More information related to payment methods can be found here.

2.4 Is it safe to pay with my credit card at site?

Yes. All payments are made by international payment services that secure and encrypt the data you provide at the time of payment. It is a competent service that guarantees complete protection of personal and banking data.

More in the Orders and Payment tab.

2.5 Changing the shipping address after placing the order.

Changing the shipping address after placing the order is only possible if it has not been delivered to the logistics company's headquarters. If, after placing the order, you want to change the delivery address, contact the customer's office as soon as possible and inform about the modifications you want to make.

2.6 Do you offer gift packaging options?

Yes. Jewelry is packed in NUBE JEWELS boxes, tied with a decorative ribbon and put into a cotton bag. Usually more than one product is packed in one box.

For that all products are packed separately, leave us a message when placing an order and we will make sure that products will reach you packed in a way that you wish.

It is possible to attach a ticket to the package, if you are interested in this option, let us know in the message when completing the order.

2.7 How to use a discount code?

If you have a rebate code, you can use it by entering its content on the Cart page in the "rebate code" field.

Implementing shopping, you can use only one discount code.


3.1 How to care for NUBE JEWELS Silver Jewelry?

First of all, check out our guide, How to clean silver jewelry, home care.

The basics of NUBE jewelry care are to avoid contact with moisture, natural fluids secreted by the body, i.e. sweat, perfumes, oils, lotions and creams. Make sure you remove your jewelry before bathing, exercising or relaxing in the pool or sea.

If you are using perfume, make sure you do not spray the neck on the necklace. If you love hand creams, remove rings before applying a layer of lotion.

3.2 How to care for gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is silver 925 jewelry, covered with a layer of 18 carat gold. In order for it to retain its perfect shine, just like on the day you put it on for the first time, follow the basic rules of care.

- take off your jewelry to sleep.
- avoid contact with water.
- take off your jewelry while using the sauna, solarium, swimming pools.
- avoid contact with liquids / perfumes / creams.
- take care of the proper storage of jewelry, more information can be found here.

3.3 NUBE JEWELS Jewelry storage.

The storage of these small elements has a key impact on their appearance and maintaining a perfect gloss.

The NUBE JEWELS box can be treated as a small box that will safely store your treasures. The dry and soft interior of the box favors each piece of jewelry.

If you have an impressive collection of jewelry, allow yourself to read further in our blog guide How to store jewelry to keep its appearance like on the first day.

3.4 What materials does NUBE JEWELS use?

To create jewelry collections, we use sterling silver. Each silver model has its gold counterpart. The golden models are silver jewelry gilded with 18 carat gold. There are two layers of gold plating. The first bath is silver coating, the second layer strengthens and finishes the effect.

If the terms "925 silver" or "18-carat gold-plated jewelry" are not fully understandable to you. Take a look at the NUBE JEWELS workshop.

3.5 Lost earring! What to do?

Nothing easier! NUBE JEWELS makes it possible to purchase single earring. Most models are available in a single combination, but if it is a model sold only in pairs, contact our customer service office and we will certainly provide you with the option of purchasing a single earring.

We are here to help you!
+34 644 522 392

3.6 What is my ring size?

The choice of a traditional ring must be based on the knowledge of its exact size. The ring must not pinch the finger or slide off the finger. To find out what ring size you have, see the guide that offers home-made methods of measuring jewelry.

Flexible rings made of beads on jewelry elastic thread or crimp rings are the perfect solution for a gift! They have a universal or adjustable size.

Practical and amazing jewelry, find out more about it here.

3.7 Does NUBE JEWELS jewelry contain nickel?

No. The mixture of metals we use is nickel and lead free. Jewelry is completely allergy-friendly.

3.8 Can the color of the stone / minerals vary?

Yes. Based on natural materials, the color and shape of the minerals may vary. The natural processes of creating stones and minerals cannot provide two identical forms.

The variety of color and shape is not a defect or a defect.

Find out more about the Stones and Pearls collection here.

3.9 Is the lack of products in stock being replenished?

Yes. The lack of products in stock is replenished as soon as possible.

If you want to receive information about the availability of the product as soon as possible, subscribe to our Newsletter and select the option of receiving a message regarding the availability of jewelry.

If it is not possible to replenish the product in stock, it will be removed from the website

3.10 How can I be sure about the quality of NUBE jewelry?

High quality and solid finish of all products are the fundamental pillars of the NUBE JEWELS brand existence.

Commitment to quality and the use of the latest technologies allows us to meet the highest jewelry standards.

Strict control and careful selection of materials accompany every NUBE jewelry product.


4.1 Can I return / exchange a purchased product?

Yes. You can exchange or return the product within 15 calendar days of delivery.

4.2. What are the options for exchanging products?

The options for exchanging products are as follows:

-Replacement of the product with another one with the same amount.
-Replacement the product with another of a higher value, paying the difference.
-Replacement the product with another of a lower value, receiving the difference on the gift card without an expiry date.
-Replacement of the product with a gift card with no expiry date for the full value of the product.

4.3 How can I return / exchange a product?

If you want to return or exchange a product, please contact the NUBE JEWELS customer service. Write us an e-mail at or contact us directly on +34 644 522 392 giving your name, order number and information regarding the return or exchange case. Our customer service team will certainly reply as soon as possible!

4.4 The order contains a defective product, what should I do?

In the case that the product is defective, please contact NUBE JEWELS within 24 hours of receiving the product, including in your email photos clearly showing the defect, along with your personal details and the purchase invoice.

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