Nube Jewels products have been treated with specific techniques to maintain their original appearance. To maintain the state and shine of your jewelry as it was on the first day, you must take care of it, clean it and store it correctly, following our recommendations.

1. Remove jewelry before going to sleep, showering or playing sports.

2. Avoid contact of jewelry with chemicals or harmful environments such as perfumes, colognes, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water and sweat.

3. Store the jewelry in the Nube Jewels box, in a cloth bag or in a jewelry box, avoiding its exposure to the open air for a long time. Do not store them in a humid place such as the bathroom.

4. Clean jewelry periodically to restore shine, approximately twice a month.

925 Sterling silver jewelry

To restore the shine of silver jewelry, you must rub it gently with a specific microfiber chamois, with a soft cloth and a specific product for silver or with a soft toothbrush and a little soap and warm water.

18K Gold plated silver jewelry

Our gold plated jewels need special attention. Cleaning should be done with a specific microfiber cloth for cleaning jewelry, without applying any liquid or product.

For the preservation of the gold bath it is essential not to wet the jewels, since wetting them reduces the duration of the gold bath and implies the loss of the guarantee.

Nube Jewels does not guarantee that the gold plating of our products will last forever. Gold-plated pieces are more fragile and susceptible to discoloration over time. Multiple factors influence the speed at which this color disappears such as the PH level of the skin, the level of body sweating or the use of chemicals.

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