Long earrings are jewels that have been successful for many years. Nube Jewels long earrings are made of sterling silver. Each model has its 18 carat gold plated equivalent. In the Nube Jewels catalog you will find long earrings with pearls, stones or zircons. If you are a woman with a minimalist style, we have prepared long plain earrings for you, without diamonds or other stories. Modest but elegant. Choose the most precious jewels, long earrings studs or trendy hoops with different diameters and thicknesses.

Women's long earrings

Most chosen jewelry by women if we talk about big parties or romantic dates. An attractive and sensual accessory. It highlights a woman's neck, the one of the most delicate and sensitive part of the body. What is the shape of your face? Do you have a round, oval, square or maybe heart-shaped face? Long earrings are perfect with each of them. Now you know why these jewels are easy to combine accessories and most importantly, fall in love with them.

Wedding's long earrings

A party occasion, such as a wedding, usually happens from time to time. It does not matter if you are the woman who wears the white dress on that night or you are simply one of the guests, bet on long earrings. Jewelry that makes the most of a woman's neck and adds a lot of femininity. With a simple dress in one color, you can stand out with long earrings. Long earrings are the most chosen jewels for a wedding. Why? We explain right away.

- Long earrings represent an original and glamorous style.
- Very light jewelry that you can wear the whole wedding night!
- They go well with any type of neckline of your wedding dress.
- Long earrings are highly visible jewelry regardless of hairstyle.

Long earrings with pearls

Pearls have conquered the world of jewelry as our catalog is full of long earrings with pearls. Always taking advantage of the treasures of flora and fauna. Long earrings with pearls are jewelery aimed at women who love precious stones, minerals and shells, who have a free and forever young spirit. Women who easily choose handcrafts, nature and the green style. If you are one of them, long earrings with pearls will refresh your look just with a pleasant happiness. Check out best models of long earrings with pearls LONGIE and MARSELLA.

Long earrings with zircons

Zircons are an inexpensive equivalent to diamonds, but as beautiful and perfect as them. We have added zircons to some of our long earrings. White or black zircons are the colors that we use more in the designs of long earrings. Take a look at our best sellers of long earrings with zircons:

CHOLE - a 5cm chain of round white zircons, long earrings with a very simple style and at the same time very elegant. Available in silver or gold plated with black diamonds.
WONDER - long earring with zircons in different shapes of the flower, teardrop, oval, round with a sophisticated style. Stud earrings, available in silver and gold plating.

Advantages of buying long earrings at Nube Jewels

- Emphasize the features of the face and neck.
- Exclusive jewelry, perfect for special occasions.
- Variety of long earrings with stones, pearls, diamonds and smooth models.
- Earrings with comfortable and easy closure.
- Sale of long earrings per unit.
- They combine well with any type of neckline.
- Visible earrings regardless of haircut or hairstyle.

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