Gold earrings with colored stones

Earrings are the most common piece of jewelry chosen by women. For work, school, an informal meeting with a friend or a romantic date. We have turned simple earrings into a modern models, enreached with a series of minerals full of natural beauty. Gold earrings adorn:

- Blue stone, Amazonite, Turquoise, Apatite
- Pink stone, Quartz, Jadeite, Tourmaline
- Black stone, Spinel
- Green stone, Chalcedony, Tourmaline
- White stone, Moonstone, Opal, Nacre,
- Violet stone, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Tazanite
- Gray Stone, Labradorite, Moonstone

Natural minerals are unique stones, their intensity of color and structure is extraordinary. Gold earrings with stones are modern jewelry for women who love to play with color not only in their wardrobe but also in their jewelry.

Gold earrings with Tourquise

Your favorite models are:

GOLD TURQUOISE SMILE EARRINGS - Simple hoop earrings with a happy face pendant.

NOAH TURQUOISE GOLD EARRINGS - Small hoop with a pendant in the form of several medium-sized Turquoise stones.

HUGO TURQUOISE GOLD EARRINGS - The round ball shape is a turquoise stone, suspended on a medium sized gold hoop.

If you like turquoise, an additional option can be the turquoise enamel that is used to decorate gold earrings. Stars, hearts, crosses, and other shapes of gold earrings are filled with a clean, shiny coating of turquoise enamel. The turquoise and gold color of the earrings harmonize beautifully with each other, bringing in a fresh sea breeze of summer days. Such a "refreshed" outfit will meet all challenges!

How about a natural turquoise resin? A beautiful and flexible material, appropriately colored, it takes various forms depending on the earring. Choose the ELIA or JUS model and combine with your daily looks.

Advantages of buying gold earrings with stones at Nube Jewels

- Gold plated earrings with stones are a economic version of real gold.
- Shipping within 24 hours to all European countries.
- Beautifully packaged jewelry, ready to be delivered to your loved one.
- The boxes can be used as a mini jewelry box of your treasures.
- The models of gold earrings with stones with current, trendy designs.
- Each model has its counterpart in silver. Take a look at the silver earrings with stones.
- Known and secure international payment methods such as Bizum, PayPal, bank transfer.

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