Piercing Tragus Hoop

Tragus Hoop clicker, is a hoop earring that shines beautifully from the protruding cartilage of the ear. They can be placed up or down. The streamlined shape makes it nice and comfortable to wear, it doesn't get tangled in your hair and doesn't disturb when you want to take a longer nap. Our most beautiful Tragus Hoop piercings are SORAYA and ELSA.

Tragus Hoop also exists in the form of a piercing attached with a threaded ball. Its decorative part is a circle. Tragus Hoop with zircons is the CIRCLE model, for lovers of the basic style we have prepared some beautiful DONUT earrings.

Combine Piercing Tragus Hoop with other jewelry. A small cartilage earring will look even better when paired with a regular earlobe hoop. What's more, discover the power of ear cuffs that don't require additional ear piercings.

Piercing Tragus Silver

When choosing jewelry for Tragus piercing, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, pay attention to the material from which the piercing is made. Silver is an excellent option. A precious metal that does not cause allergies. The Nube Jewels workshop complies with the EU requirements for the creation of each piece of jewelry. Therefore, the silver Tragus piercing does not contain Nickel, Chrome or Lead. Silver is the right material for Tragus piercings that have just been made. Silver is a universal jewel that will find its place in the ear of blonde and brunette women.

Advantages of buying Tragus piercing at Nube Jewels

We leave you benefits of buying Tragus piercing in Nube Jewels workshop:

- Various styles of Tragus jewelry. Plain and models with zircons.
- Piercing Tragus hoop with reliable and secure closure.
- Sale of Tragus piercing by units.
- Various sizes of Tragus piercings. Mini, medium and large models.
- Tragus piercing price from €10.90 per unit.
- Optimal size and length of the Tragus piercing bar.

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