What is Flat or Scapha piercing?

Piercing, as its name says, in the place where the shape of our ear is the simplest, flat, without curves or convoluted shapes. It is located at the top of the ear, with the curved part of the ear facing down. Due to the simple shape and the thin layer of the auricle, the perforation is neither complicated nor very painful.

Types of Scapha piercing

The Scapha piercing has become a hot trend this season. The simple and visible surface of the ear will perfectly present any model of earring. However, we have some ideas for it, let see if you fell in love with them too.

LEAVES piercing, a curved line that will be inserted into the rounded part of the ear like a matching puzzle.

ROMA piercing, delicate sun with white zirconia. A large model that will surely be noticed by the observers.

FLOWER piercing, designed for the first moments immediately after the piercing thanks to the comfortable closure of the labret.

DONUT piercing, round, non-irritating. 

How long does it take for the flat piercing to heal?

Flat piercing takes from 3-6 months to heal. However, it all depends on:

- proper hygiene,
- professional execution of treatment,
- high-quality earrings that are worn immediately after piercing,
- the thickness of the cartilage of the ear, thin cartilage will heal faster than thick, bulky cartilage.

Each new piercing requires attention and a little dedication, so take a look at the basic rules for maintaining ear hygiene immediately after the piercing. We advise what to do, how to prevent and treat! Get your Flat or Scapha piercing to heal efficiently so you can show it off to the world even faster!

Advantages of buying Scapha piercing at Nube Jewels

- A multitude of options, buy plain Scapha piercing, with zircons, gold or silver.
- Comfortable back thread ball or labret closures.
- Hypoallergenic materials, safe for the skin immediately after piercing.
- Smooth models with rounded corners for faster healing.
- Sale of Scapha piercings by units.
- Lowest price when buying a pair of Scapha piercings, give one to your friend!

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