Gold plated earrings is the best solution for those whou are allergic to pure gold. Why? Because Nube Jewels earrings are jewels made of 925 silver covered with two layers of 18 carat gold. The first gold bath completely covers the silver. The second bath serves to finish and ensure that the method is done with greater care and precision. Nube Jewels offers 3 or 5 micron gold plated earrings. These numbers signify quality and guarantee of satisfaction. The warm gold tone means that the gold plated earrings, once placed in the ears, stay there for a long time. Discover your favorite model, fall in love and listen to what your heart says. Buy gold plated earrings at Nube Jewels, the most actual models with a sensual design.

Gold plated hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are jewels that never fail. Perfect for a special night or simply jewelry for everyday. Gold plated earrings are accessories chosen more often every day. Gold plated earrings with a star or moon shaped pendant. Or perhaps more sophisticated models with a snake or scorpion pendant. Nube Jewels proposes a multitude of sizes of gold-plated earrings. Small hoop earrings that complement the ear piercing or very large hoop earrings that attract attention and add a bit of character to the face. And how about men? Gold plated hoop with cross pendant is the model most chosen by boys. At Nube Jewels we offer the sale of gold plated hoop earrings per unit, so we satisfy everyone! These with many piercings and these with a more traditional style.

Teenage gold plated earrings

Jewels one hundred percent youthful. Gold plated earrings is the latest trend. Fashion accessories that have conquered the ears of crowds! Youth gold plated earrings is very economical equivalent to 333 or 525 carat gold. In this way you can have a wide variety of these treasures in your jewelry box. Are you the person who likes to have many trendy accessories? Now you can have different jewels for every occasion. Gold plated earrings is the perfect option for jewelry lovers, girls who pay attention to detail and like to add a bit of luxury to their looks.

Fashion gold plated earrings

During the faous Fashion Week in Milan, we have noticed that gold accessories play a major role. Fashion icons have clearly indicated that gold plated earrings are:

- a accessory that adds elegance to any outfit,
- jewels that, well combined, bring out the maximum femininity of the parts of the body such as the neckline, neck, ears,
- accessories aimed at women of all ages,
- eternal jewels that never fail, exist for centuries and can totally change the face.

Gold plated earrings meet the requirements of 21st century fashion and all the latest trends directed by people who already know well how and what to combine so that they are not forgotten for a long time.

Gold plated earrings for women

Women are our inspiration. For them we analyze, improve and create each design. What do gold plated earrings mean for a woman? A detail that adds shine, an accessory that stands out, or simply a daily jewelry. It does not matter if you are a modern woman or prefer the vintage inspired style of the fifties. Nube Jewels presents gold-plated earrings for women that represent each style. In the catalog you will find:

- stud earrings
- hoop earrings
- long earrings
- enamel earrings
- earrings with stones
- earrings with pearls
- earrings with zircons

In this way we are sure that each of you will quickly and satisfactorily find your favorite earring model. Think about which ones can fit you better and buy by pairs or units  gold plated earrings.

Advantages of buying gold plated earrings at Nube Jewels

- Economic equivalent of gold earrings.
- Hypoallergenic material, safe for people allergic to gold.
- Gold plated earrings retain their shine with very simple care.
- Sale of gold plated earrings per unit.
- Cheap alternative for special / one day occasions such as wedding, baptism, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve ect.
- Best, modern and durable gold plating techniques.
- Earrings covered with two layers of gold plating.
- Delicate and warm gold tone.

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