Discover the world of handmade jewelry, bright enamel, which decorates the details of the jewelry. Nube Jewels has opted for enameled earrings to make you even more joyful. The traditional Champlevé method can be described in the following steps:

- Creating gaps in the metal according to the design.
- Mixing glass, sand, minerals and the chosen color.
- Filling the earrings with enamel with the help of a fine needle.
- Eliminating air bubbles.
- Drying the enamel in the oven.

Thus the enameled earrings unite with the precious metal. Thanks to the careful creation process, the enameled earrings remain resistant to intensive use, chemical materials and contact with different temperatures.

Enamel hoop earrings

Hoop earrings, the most famous and chosen jewels, we have improved with a range of feminine colors. Discover for yourself the most beautiful model in the collection of enameled hoop earrings.

TIFFANY - medium size enameled hoop earrings with a round white zirconia in the center, available in white, black, pink, fuchsia, green, turquoise, yellow and lilac. Buy enameled hoop earrings in the color that best describes your soul.

Torch fired enamel earrings

Jewelry designed for those ones who loves details. The small pieces of earrings require a lot of patience, precision and high quality materials. The result is always spectacular. The enameled earrings stand out for their brightness, range of colors and elegance. The great aesthetics applied in each design makes them even more special. Creating the fire enamel earrings we use only our own ideas which means that when you buy fire enamel earrings, you buy unique jewelry. In each model we apply an additional layer of lacquer to prevent its intensive use. This way you can enjoy your enamel earrings for a long time.

Advantages of buying enameled earrings at Nube Jewels

- Handcrafted jewelry.
- Durable, crack-resistant enamel.
- Enamel earrings with all types of closures.
- An additional layer of enamel, which completely covers the decoration of the earring.
- Flexible material, perfect for decorating any precious metal.
- Colorful equivalent to classic gold or silver earrings.
- A modern and improved method of creating fire enamel earrings.

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