When choosing piercings, we may look more at the design, the shape, the motif or the type of precious metal that we like. While all of these variables are very important things, don't forget about a comfortable, easy-to-remove closure.

Piercing by thread type

We distinguish different types of thread. At Nube Jewels you will find closures made with externally threaded ball, internally threaded ball and internally threaded labret. Each type of thread has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, piercings earrings with different closures are dedicated to different piercings. Whenever you buy piercings, first look at your ear or cartilage, observe its anatomical shape and try what type of thread may be best for you. If you are a true piercing lover and have had an ear full of earrings for many years, forget everything and listen to your whims. Trust your instinct and experience and buy a piercing with the thread that you like the most.

Externally threaded piercing

Externally threaded piercing is the most commercial that exists and is the one that has been using in the jewelry industry for many years. If your piercings have been done for a long time and are well healed, the externally threaded ball piercing is for you. The external thread has to go through the piercing every time an earring is put on or even changed. The biggest drawback is that the thread when passing through the skin scratches the hole and can even reopen the skin as if you were doing it again. For this reason it is not highly recommended for freshly drilled holes.

Internally Threaded Piercing

Internally threaded piercings are ideal for all types of piercings. Doesn't matter how old it is. The internally threaded piercing is completely round on top, so passing through the piercing does not cause any injury. In the case of some fluid entering the slope, when screwing the ball, the fluids remain encapsulated within the slope. The internally threaded piercing ball is much more difficult to fall out and lose. For this reason, these piercings are designed for the most active girls. It is also a good alternative in the fall and winter season. Internally threaded piercings stay safe in the ears that at this time are normally well covered with the wool cap.

Internally threaded Tragus piercing

The small piece of cartilage that protrudes from the cheek is the Tragus piercing. If you are considering getting a Tragus piercing you have to know that getting this piercing only has advantages.

- The curing time is short, between 4-6 weeks you have it ready and ready to shine.
- Tragus hygiene is not complicated at all, the cartilage part is more visible and smooth.
- A touch of originality, the Tragus piercing looks very cute on the ears of women who represent different styles.

For this piercing we advise you to choose an earring with an internal thread. Tragus's place is especially exposed to liquids, creams, scarves and collars from a warm vest. If you own a Tragus, choose a piercing with an internal thread that will provide you with comfort and hygiene at the same time. Have a look at the catalog of glamor piercings full of more current forms. Stars, moons, flowers, leaves, crosses or geometric shapes. Chceck silver piercing or gold plated piercing and refresh your ear.

Advantages of buying ear threaded piercing in Nube Jewels

- High quality jewelery for delicate parts of the body.
- Soft and easy when inserting to the ear or cartilage.
- Screw closure accumulates the minimum of dirt and microorganisms.
- Helps a speedy healing.
- Piercings that do not contain nickel.
- Variety of motifs for threaded piercings.
- Very economic prices of threaded piercings.
- Sale of threaded piercings per unit.

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