It's time to shine! If you are looking for piercing with zirconia, we know that shine is your goal. We assure you that you are in the right place. At Nube Jewels we have a catalog full of piercing with cubic zirconia. Earrings that attract attention due to their impressive light. Literally sparkling jewelry, made of silver or gold plated models, are created from nickel-free materials. Make sure that the piercing with zirconia from Nube Jewels will not cause you any allergies. The only thing you have to know is that, when looking at such a variety of models with crystals, the list of saved favorites grows. Create your perfect combi and conquer the world!

Variety of colors of piercing with zirconia for ears

We always bet on the variety of colors. Piercing with white or black zircons is the base, but the Nube Jewels catalog is full of summer colours, delicate pastels and strong tones. Here you will find piercing with zirconia in green, lilac, magenta, orange, blue, pink, red, lavender. The Rainbow Colors collection is wonderful if you like to play with colours. Find your perfect tone, which favors your natural characteristics and enhances your outfit with piercing with colored zirconia.

Piercing with black zirconia

Deep black presents elegance and confidence. For those who are looking for these characteristics, we created the piercing with black zirconia. Geometric shapes like the Line, Square, Triangle pattern always work well. A detail that you can add to your daily combi. If you like shapes inspired by nature, the Bowie, Rose or Scarlet is piercing with black zirconia that will steal your heart. They represent the romantic style and are easy to combine with other jewels. Maybe you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend, friend or brother, piercing with black zirconia is the most popular piercing chosen for a male audience. Due to its color and simple shape, it is very easy to combine with any style.

Antiallergic piercing with zirconia

When you buy accessories that will accompany you every day or even wear them close to your body, always look at the materials used. All Nube Jewels piercings are made with 925 silver. This means that it is the purest silver used in the jewelry industry. 925 or more exact 92,5 is the percentage of silver that contains the mixture of precious metals. Silver is too soft metal to be used alone, for this reason harder materials are added, which preserve the pieces of jewelry for a long time. Nube Jewels piercings are jewels made of premium materials, without the addition of nickel or chrome. They do not cause allergies. Designed for people with sensitive skin or even for children. Complying with all the rules of the European Union, we focus on bringing the highest quality and shine to your ear.

Choose from great variety of ear piercing shapes

First think about what you are looking for. Is it the piercings with zirconia? Ok, now we are close to the desired model. What kind of shape do you want to find? We will reveal the great variety of piercings with zirconia that exist:

- Ear piercing animal shapes, snakes, butterflies, and many more from the world of flora and fauna.
- Ear piercing flower shapes, simple and with zirconia, piercing in the shape of a daisy, rose or a bouquet of leaves.
- Ear piercing geometric shapes, variety of shapes such as triangle, square, circle, rhombus or rectangle.
- Ear piercing celestial shapes, symbols of the moon, star, sun decorated with zircons or smooth models.
- Ear piercing cross shapes, isosceles cross or normal cross in several versions and sizes.
- Ear piercing clicker, earring piercings hoops with click closure.

Ear piercing cross with zirconia

There is a best seller for both men and women. It's a ear piercing cross. It is often chosen as a gift to a man. The cross symbol, although it is the Christian symbol, has become a fashion. It does not mean religion but it is a touch of current trends and designs. Depending on the style you are looking for, at Nube Jewels you will find a smooth ear piercing cross or one covered with white zircons. Bet on daring accessories. We know that daring is always good and always works. Walter model, available in silver or gold plated, is a small cross piercing, decorated with round crystals.

Ear piercing clicker with zirconia

Ear clicker piercings with zirconia is a spectacular idea. Comfortable, beautiful and adapted to many holes in the ear. Depending on whether you are looking for the upper lobe, Tragus, Helix, or Conch piercing, you will find a variety of ear clicker piercings with zirconia. A literally brilliant detail that adds light to each little ear. Thanks to the pressure or click closure, you can carry out any daily activity or sport without hardly noticing that you are wearing them. Ear clicker piercings with zirconia due to their small size do not usually bother you even when you sleep, for this reason in many cases they remain in the ears at night as well.

Advantages of buying piercing with zirconia at Nube Jewels

- Variety of piercing with zirconia of different colors.
- Gift packaging for each order.
- A 10% discount on your first purchase.
- Shipping of piercing with zirconia up to 72 hours in the Peninsula.
- Premium jewelry with current designs.
- Multitude of ear piercing shapes with zircons.
- Hypoallergenic jewelry without chrome and nickel.
- Secure and international payments.

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