Silver ear piercing

One more piercing? Why not! Ears are often seen with an extra piercing. Right next to the Standard Lobe that goes by the name Upper Lobe. It is a small modification but it completely changes the face. Choose a silver piercing for your ear. At Nube Jewels we use 925 silver to create all types of piercings, an resistant metal but soft enough to design the most sophisticated piercings. We are inspired by trends, mixing styles with simple motifs to meet the requirements of the perfect piercing. Check the catalog and buy a beautiful silver piercing for your ear. In the Nube Jewels store you will find:

- silver piercing
- silver piercing clickers
- silver threaded piercing
- silver piercing with zircons
- silver Tragus piercing
- silver Scapha piercing

Silver hoop ear piercings

Silver hoops are exclusive piercings of their kind. Take a look at the Soraya model. Very small and thick earring with a zirconia in the center. The round crystal takes on different colours, find your favorite and take the Soraya model with you. Do you prefer elegant details? The Elsa piercing is made for you, it shines with a precious light. Mini hoop ear piercing covered with white zircons, available in sterling silver. Trendy models at the best price. Buy silver hoop ear piercings now only from €11.90.

Mens ear piercing

Mens ear piercing has become a fashion. A cross, a moon or maybe a simple black zirconia piercing? These are three best sellers for him. Has his birthday or important anniversary arrived? Give a silver piercing. Ear piercing for a man is an original idea. Surprise and show your loved one dedication and empathy. Ear piercings are small details that bring a lot of joy. Attractive motifs such as Moon, Cross or Snake are ear piercings created with the male audience in mind.

Women ear piercings

More and more women's ears are full of piercings. We love this trend. Add brightness, complete and refresh the outfits of the simple style. Ear piercing treatment is a less painful piercing and relatively short in healing. All the advantages enhance the desire to add the new earring in the lobe, right? Go for it then!

Advantages of buying silver piercing at Nube Jewels

- Silver ear piercing jewelry for both, men and women.
- Trendy piercing, variety of best-selling motifs.
- Multitude of different types of closures to your liking.
- Hypoallergenic material that helps in healing.
- Competitive silver ear piercing prices.
- Sale silver ear piercings per unit.

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