Most popular, most traditional and oldest jewels. They have existed for centuries, they decorate the ears of women of all ages, they shine with the same light on every occasion. Stud earrings we have changed to current and modern models. You will find basic shapes of heart, star, moon, flower with a butterfly closure in the button earrings collection. Keeping the latest trends in mind, we create stud earrings with a touch of mischief, in the shape of a snake, cross or safety pin.

Woman stud earrings

For all women we offer stud earrings of all kinds:

- Hoop earrings, RAMSES
- Simple earrings, BUZZ
- Long earrings, WONDER

In addition, some models of stud earrings for women include semi-precious stones, pearls, colored zircons, colored enamel in their design. A lifelong earring that we turn into something exceptional. Buy stud earrings for your wife, friend or sister! A gift that does not fail. A small detail, easy to combine and comfortable to wear. If you are passionate about piercings, you surely know that stud earrings are never enough. In Nube Jewels there is the sale of stud earrings by units. A real paradise for women with piercings of all kinds.

Men's stud earrings

Every season more and more piercings appear in the ears of men. A small jewel that adds elegance and attention to detail to a boy's face. Stud earrings for men are gaining more and more popularity every day. The most popular studs for men are cross-shaped earrings or button earrings with black zirconia. Regardless of your loved one's style, these jewels are easy to combine. It doesn't matter if you're one of those 'tracksuits for every occasion, the most important thing is to be comfortable' or one of a kind with wardrobe bigger than yours sisters. 

Gold stud earrings

Do you like luxury but in a small format? Gold button earrings are for you. Some silver jewelry with 18k gold-plated. Gold stud earrings are a very economic equivalent of pure gold and perhaps very difficult to tell apart even by a precious metals professional. Together with our goldsmiths we make every effort to apply the gold layer with precision and care using modern resources. Look at the Nube Jewels gold stud earrings catalogue, we are sure that the moment you start, you put your jeweler at risk of not closing. Are you ready? 

Silver stud earrings

Silver stud earrings are especially appreciated by dynamic people and athletes. Contact with sweat or chemicals can be devastating if you wear earrings made of unknown metals. Silver stud earrings together with frequent cleaning do not change the color, nor turn black. Jewelry that does not cause allergies if you are a person with sensitive skin. Accessories that can accompany children of a few months, do not disturb during sleep. Even if you are a new mom, the first thing we want to say is, congratulations! and the second thing is that silver stud earrings are going to be safer for you taking into account the curiosity or a movement of your little one

Advantages of buying stud earrings at Nube Jewels

- Easy to put on.
- They do not bother while you sleep, nor are they deformed.
- Safe jewelry for sports.
- Stud earrings do not catch on clothing or hair.
- Perfect jewelry for children.
- Adjustable stud earrings closure according to your own taste and comfort.
- Sale of stud earrings by units.
- Perfect jewelry for lovers of minimalist style.

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