Wearing hoop earrings has become the latest trend of the season. Hoop earrings are basic but quite elegant jewelry. Moreover, they look great on both men and women. Hoop earrings are unisex jewelry. The large number of different designs always find their fan. Men like hoop earrings with cross pendant. Girls more often choose thick silver hoop earrings. Nube Jewels has prepared the largest variety of hoop earrings in both gold and silver. Everything to satisfy and shine your ears.

Men's hoop earrings

Hoop earrings in a man's ear add a bit of fantasy, good taste, aesthetics. Men's hoop earrings are jewels often seen today, that's why we have designed and improved the most chosen models. Take a look at the cross hoop earrings, perfect jewelry for your boyfriend, brother or friend.

LIAM EARRINGS - medium sized hoop earrings with smooth cross pendant. A detail that highlights the ears of men.
JORI EARRINGS - hoop earrings with cross pendant with white zircons. Very elegant silver hoop earring for men.

Hoop earrings woman

A detail that can accompany you every day! It does not matter if your style is based on subdued colors or you dress in more daring colors and you like to attract attention. Hoop earrings for a woman is an essential detail. It also does not matter the occasion:

- Hoop earrings look good with an oversize tracksuit while having breakfast with your best friend.
- Hoop earrings look great with a yoga outfit, as you go about your daily routine.
- Hoop earrings are the icing on the cake when you mix them with a fancy red dress.

Small hoop earrings

At Nube Jewels we know perfectly that less is more and that with a detail you can express great style, for this reason we have created small hoop earrings, simple, modest and comfortable models. For now the PETIT and SANA designs have won your hearts. In addition, small hoop earrings are perfect jewelry for:

- TRAGUS and SCAPA piercing,
- children, especially small smooth hoop earrings, without pendants.
- Freshly made piercings, mainly silver hoop earrings, which do not cause allergies.

Small hoop earrings with zircons

An excellent example of small earrings with zircons can be the SORAYA, JUSSE or QUINN models. Hoops covered in diamonds of all colors or more delicate models with a zirconia in the center. Small hoop earrings with diamonds have a great advantage. They are very easy to combine with other jewelry. Find your favorite earring and fill your ear with small hoops so that it can shine in every corner.

Pearl hoop earrings

Pearl is a special sea treasure. Unique stone for its color, shape and properties. Due to these characteristics we have combined the pearl stone with beautiful hoop earrings. Beach, sun, summer dress, shell anklets and pearl hoop earrings, a dream combination, right? By creating hoop earrings with pearls we pay homage to nature for the beautiful materials that can decorate our ears. If you are looking for attractive jewelry with a touch of nature, buy hoop earrings with pearl.

Hoop earrings with color stone

Hoop earrings with colored stones? Of course! A set of hoop earrings with colored stones are jewels chosen by lovers of minerals. Think about which stone color harmonizes well with the color of your eyes, hair, skin. Perhaps you already have your favorite semi-precious stone, which brings you motivation and a shot of positive vibrations. We select the most noble and unique colored stones so that each model of earrings is exceptional and unique. Hoop earrings with colored stones are jewels for people who are especially close to nature and who identify their soul with one of the four elements.

Hoop earrings with colored zircons

At Nube Jewels you will find hoop earrings with colored zircons:

- white,
- black,
- blue,
- rose,
- red,
- orange,
- green,
- yellow,

Although hoop earrings with white zirconia have always been the most chosen model, do not let other models escape you. Hoop earrings accompanied by lilac, ruby, blue or green zirconia are elegant jewels that dazzle the face from the first seconds in the ears! Discover your favorite color and make yourself happy with hoop earrings with colored zircons.

Advantages of buying hoop earrings at Nube Jewels

- A wide variety of hoop earrings for both men and women.
- Hand-finished designs from premium materials.
- Fast international shipping on your favorite hoop earrings!
- Comfortable jewelry, prevent it from snagging on hair and clothing.
- Perfect for children.
- Intended for fresh piercings.
- Same model of hoop earrings in different sizes - small hoop 11mm, medium hoop 18mm, large hoop 24mm.
- A multitude of hoop earrings with a pendant adornment.

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