Gold earrings with stones

Do you love gold? Choose gold earrings with stones. Noble models, handcrafted, made with premium materials are the gold earrings with stones. Jewels with a wide range of natural materials, wrapped in a warm gold tone.

Silver earrings with stones

Silver earrings with stones are timeless jewels. Silver and stones are jewelry materials that, regardless of the frequency and quality of care, retain their beauty for a long time. Silver earrings with stones are hypoallergenic jewelry. Silver is a gentle material for all skin types. Gemstones are also allergy-friendly materials, and wearing them close to the skin will provide a number of benefits. The positive vibration takes a different direction depending on the stone. Discover your style and choose silver earrings with stones.

In Nube Jewels you will find a wide variety of natural stone jewelry

Discover the wealth of minerals in Nube Jewels. The catalog offers the most desirable jewelry stones of this season:

- Amazonite, light green stone with white stripes.
- Amethyst, a stone with a wide variety of lilac, violet and purple colors.
- Apatite, shades of colors of this stone range from green to blue.
- Turquoise, deep blue stone with black and brown stripes.
- Tourmaline, pink, yellow, green, blue stones, the color can be strong or light.
- Spinel, black stone with white stripes.
- Rose Quartz, from light to intense pink.
- Moonstone, white, gray or transparent stone.
- Dyed resin, in Nube Jewels workshop you will often find beige, orange, pink, blue.

Earrings with colored stones are unique jewels that react perfectly to light. Depending on the day, the minerals take on a different and new color. When choosing colored stones, we pay special attention to hardness, scratch resistance, color and material properties. Buy earrings with colored stones with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Earrings with blue stones

The earrings with blue stones are an excellent choice. We present your favorite models:

VICHY AMAZONITE - Hoop earring with long pendant of blue stones.
NOAH TURQUOISE - Original earring with blue stone and click closure.
AMAZONITE ISLAND - Best Seller of the Stones & Pearls collection.

Earrings with pink stones

If you are looking for a combination of delicacy and elegance, buy earrings with a pink stone.

HUGO ROSA - Earrings with a ball-shaped pink stone pendant.
MEL ROSA - Large model of earring with pink stone in the shape of a tear.
NOAH ROSE QUARTZ - Hoop earrings with addition of asymmetrical pink stones.

Advantages of buying earrings with stones in Nube Jewels

Earrings with stones may have won your heart a long time ago, but let us bring you some real facts about mineral jewelry.

- Earrings with stones are resistant to mechanical damage.
- Durable and non-scratch jewelry.
- They maintain their shine even with intensive use.
- The minerals used in the earrings do not cause allergies.
- Natural stones perfectly focus the light, which makes the jewelry even more beautiful.
- Earrings with stones are very easy to care for and clean.
- Original jewelry for the color, texture and structure of the stone.
- Possibility of buying earrings with stones per unit. If you have lost one, it is not a problem for Nube Jewels! In our workshop there is a sale of earrings with stones by units. Buy an earring with stones and enjoy your favorite jewelry set!

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