Handmade beaded rings

Beaded rings are solid and durable jewelry. They are made with a special elastic jewelry thread, designed for small and delicate details. Provides a sensual finish and timeless quality. The beaded rings have a universal size. The flexible thread on the basis of which they are created allows you to adjust the size to each finger! Beaded rings are very comfortable jewelry. The small size of the stones, minerals and crystals in the form of balls allow you to do any activity and work.

Handmade beaded rings go perfectly with any jewelry and with any style. They are safe and timeless accessories. Round bead minerals are hard stones that resist scratching or cracking. They do not sensitize, rub and do not change color. Beaded rings are jewelry for people who value high quality and extraordinary style. Handmade beaded rings are personalized jewelry. Unique rings that you can create according to your own wishes, being able to add an additional pendant to the existing models.

Types of beaded rings

Beaded rings have a range of various models. To create these original rings, we use Tourmaline, Turquoise, Spinel, Pearl, Quartz, Moonstone, Amethyst, Amazonite. Gemstones and minerals are an excellent material for creating small, dainty jewelry. Their various pastel shades, high hardness and perfect smooth surface make them an ideal material. In addition, the minerals are graceful stones full of therapeutic properties.

Beaded rings are not only made with minerals, they are also made with silver and gold balls. A circle of silver and gold balls that take various forms. The surface texture of the beads have a variety of options. Smooth beads, cube beads with rounded edges, fine beads or classic gold or silver beads in different sizes.

Advantages of buying ball rings from Nube Jewels jewelry workshop

Beaded rings are a small detail of great style. These are the advantages of buying beaded rings at Nube Jewels jewelry workshop:

1. Original handmade rings that catch the eye and the heart instantly.
2. High-quality materials ensure timeless joy with delicate jewelry.
3. Wide selection of models will meet the challenge of even the most sophisticated styles.
4. Careful design and bead shapes fit any size finger without irritating the skin.
5. Affordable price.
6. Possibility to personalize rings offers a touch of uniqueness, showing your style.
7. Source of the properties of hippotherapy. The power of natural minerals and stones used to create bead rings
8. Jewelry that does not contain nickel or chrome. Beaded rings are jewelry intended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

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